Our start in G Scale 2011-2016 Mirror Mirror and Curved Points

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Despite the almost total abandonment of running over these years, the track plan has had quite a lot of changes.
The Cherry Tree on the Rightside (Satellite Extension Railway) needed cutting back as part of te replacement programme of the right side fencing, with new panels and concrete gravel boards and posts to prevent the rapid rot of wood.

The Satellite Extension Railway now has 100 lightweight blocks and fabric weed control fabric beneath the finer ballast.
Under the ever growing Willow - (which we have started cutting down in 2016) - all the original ballast has been replaced by finer shingle.

These changes prompted the mirroring of the Woody Bay Station and Loop, so that the complex trackwork was not inaccessible beneath the dishes. The loop radius was increased considerably, and made parabolic, and the new station platforms were increased to accept 3 RhB bogie coaches and a locomotive.
The crossover was re-located from immediately in front of the 'shed' door, to the more protected area under the hammock, which was raised and supported over the track bed. This also marked the end of the Auto Reverse section - which has given rise to startup problems, if stock is left bridging the gap.

With Piko curved points now available, they allowed realignment of Kiruna's platform approaches - re-using the homebuilt curved point to access the siding. Platform 3, to the branch remains requiring an auto-reverser to allow access to the branchline, which also retains a single R1 curve. Auto-Reverser are being changed to Massoth or LDT Sensor-Section based types, to avoid the short circuit currents of the 'traditional' type used previously (Lenz/Bachmann/LGB).

AS part of the eased Branchline Route from Storage to the Outside World, the branch has been double tracked, and given direct access behind the signal box to the Outer Loop. The triangle junction is completed by retaining a tight curve into Platform 3.

LGBsummary2015.jpg - 163Kb

Hopefully fine weather, and few droppings from trees, will enable us to spend more time running trains than clearing the debris and runing the track cleaner, as has been the case for several years. Not helped by spending time away with the portable layouts.
'2015/2016' was the 'year of rebuilding 'Skand-Demo', creating the 15m Wickham Linear Modular, and re-engineering Bruksbanen to use Servos.
maybe there will progress in the loft in installing all the signals which have collecting there! Tempus Fugit Double Time?
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