Our start in G Scale 2007 Extension Changes

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For the start of our House Extension work, the Garden Shed was rolled to rear of the garden, to the right of'Kiruna', and the remaining lawn area was used ot store materials during the build. Running trains at home stopped. The lawn deteriorated.
The entire loft layout had been dismantled too.

As part of the process, the leftside (Branchline) fence was replaced with concrete posts ad gravel boards, to stop the wood rotting and bulging, over the trackwork. Once the main extension was completed, a new, larger, double-glazed conservatory was built across the back of the original house. The new Branchline Terminus was now partly indoors, via a pluggable twin-track Tunnel Mouth into the conservatory.

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IMG_2220_2007.jpg - 117Kb
A new harbour was created, filled with 'soft-glass' pieces, in an area which had always suffered from dampness before we added large soakaways by the house, and then a new one for the conservatory, in the lawn - the garden sloping back to the house.

As part of the track adjustments, a Radius 5 point was re-built into a curved point (R2/3) and installed at the approach to P2/P3
The following year, Piko releasedtheir Curved Points

Both the Marklin-LGB Allegra and Aristocraft Electric Manning Wardle have been tried briefly in the garden: Some levelling is needed!
The Manning-Wardle will only run on R3 and above on pure level track due to lack of clearance to the metal chassis front and back.
It also has extremely small clearances above rail level, such that it can strike point motors etc with a bolt-head on the underside of the cylinder cases.

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