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1 merry christmas.jpg - 22Kb 6 monkfrith.jpg - 88Kb
Some annoted images summarising the past year Starting with a new direct access to Monkfrith Infants We
used to play cricket on the grass verge in this picture - opposite our 'house that dad built'

2 119now.jpg - 60Kb 3 beyond barrier.jpg - 90Kb
Starting with a Birthplace Revisit - how the Cul-de-sac has changed - with 3 new houses added

4_perrins.jpg - 61Kb 5 113-121.jpg - 53Kb

7_oled.jpg - 44Kb 8 pico.jpg - 52Kb
As part of Lin's Advent Electronics Kit - a 'naughty or nice' game running on an OLED Screen

9 pico.jpg - 78Kb 10_pico.jpg - 71Kb

We will be using a large number of these, and smaller OLEDs for displays on the 00/H0 layouts

11_fremo.jpg - 54Kb 12_outside snow.jpg - 57Kb
A visit to a UK fremo event in East Sussex and a covering ouf snow outside our house

13 pinned out.jpg - 90Kb 24 bookies.jpg - 95Kb

Lin has also been busy crafting many things - a few are hightlighted here
18_Lin-blanket.jpg - 60Kb 33 kitchen.jpg - 13Kb
Although her Swedish Railcar Files have yet to be printed on this 3D printer

15 at IMRS.jpg - 79Kb 16 rock.jpg - 60Kb
Trips to Devon including the IMRS show, Holsworthy Club, Hockings Ice Creams and more..
34 Holsworthy.jpg - 80Kb

Beechingless Barnstaple Adjustments: rebuilding the Town corner, and Faller roadway
20 corner.jpg - 49Kb 21_corner.jpg - 65Kb
The Corner now features North Devon District Hospital and retains my version of the Civic Centre
(The unattractive original was demolished this year )
22 cu corner.jpg - 59Kb 17_wrafton road.jpg - 71Kb

25 Btown.jpg - 28Kb 26 Btown.jpg - 54Kb
Lin built modified Superquick replacement buildings
( removing a floor for better visibility of the station behind them )

27 ferry.jpg - 77Kb 30_ferry.jpg - 42Kb
Replacing the Ferry ( the 3rd in 30 years ) in the style of various ferries we have used to Scandinavia
This time it was built with 'Swedish Wood' planks ... but little did we expect to actually drive
vehicles through it as we did at Lenham ( The red coach was one of the vehicles used ))

x12_Lenhamferrycu.jpg - 54Kb 23_ikea.jpg - 44Kb
We did make it to Ikea a couple of times - despite the aborted trip

28 hops.jpg - 96Kb 29_plough.jpg - 82Kb
Hogsback Brewery Visits during the year
35 Hogsback.jpg - 74Kb 36_Hops.jpg - 57Kb
31_bruk build.jpg - 112Kb 32_bruk build.jpg - 115Kb

Rebuilding Bruksbanen Mk3E - in time for Hollycombe Model Weekend and Fairground by Night

45_Bruk day.jpg - 59Kb 0040 bruk night.jpg - 55Kb
0037_maxus camp.jpg - 60Kb
Overnighting at Hollycombe was the only 'camping' use of the Maxus this year ....

0038 Ray hollycombe.jpg - 66Kb 0039_rainbow rock.jpg - 116Kb
Ray and Charlies Layouts at the Model Weekend

41_frem.jpg - 67Kb 42_gwr 143.jpg - 72Kb
Another Devon Visit - Barnstaple MRS Show and Torrington's Open Day with ex GWR 143, and Oakhampton
43 Bideford_bridge.jpg - 45Kb 44_Oakhampton.jpg - 68Kb

46 gasworks.jpg - 69Kb
An interesting giant vacuum cleaner ? - This machine sucks the contents of holes -
and was in use here whilst our neighbour's gas connections were renewed ( ours had been disconnected earlier )

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