'Somewhere in Scandinavia ' Skandi-Demo Version 1a/b' Early 2009-2016
IMG_5414feb2009foldeds.jpg - 86Kb
Skandi Demo 1a (shown Left - during construction) folded for transport.
It used Trix C track from a Starter Set but their R1/2 curved points (r=360mm/438mm) used on the lower level were too tight for scale-length coaches: As 1b, the hidden storage was relaid with RocoGEOline R3 and R3/4 curved points (r=434mm/511mm), requiring small 'bulge-extensions' at the front, but with a new Maxus Van, the fold was eliminated. A Turntable and corner-concealing Hillsides for the castle and village were added.
Rocoline points used at the back were replaced by matching Trix C points.
TrixCversion1bs.jpg - 85Kb
2007-9: Squeezed-in below the 'Storage Level' of the new Beechingless Barnstaple was the 'precursor' of Skandi-Demo: somewhere for our Scandinavian Stock; using a Trix Digital Starter Set. Its track was re-purposed as Skandi-Demo - to attract people to the society stand rather than have them walk on past a static display of books and models to stands with moving trains!

SC07IMG_2215b.jpg - 283Kb
The 'Precursor' to Skandi Demo was a 'Low Level' board originally placed below our 'Ilfracombe' Terminus in the loft - using Starter Set Trix C track and DCC Controller
IMG_5419march1st2009flemingpk.jpg - 105Kb
1a at Eurotrack March 2009: Computer Display in place of Castle. Hidden storage revealed prompting discussion of the electronics
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sc10IMG_1655.jpg - 178Kb
Front view - at Hollycombe - Steam in the Country - nr Liphook - Fairground by Night / weekends 2010
SC10IMG_1658.jpg - 204Kb
Rear view - at Hollycombe - Fairground at Night / weekends - showing the loading access of the lower level 2010

IMG_5500.jpg - 139Kb

Eurotrack - Front Lower level bridge and '1b bulge' after changing to RocoGEOline curved points on the hidden sidings
IMG_5499.jpg - 128Kb
The interactive logging crane - Joystick operated by visitors - loading and unloading logs all day !
IMG_2667.jpg - 152Kb

Front Station View: Norwegian and Danish Railcars in the Platforms

scIMG_7824.jpg - 133Kb

Swedish residential homes

IMG_2677.jpg - 118Kb

'Castle End' showing Turntable, Narrow Gauge (Until 1973 about half of Swedish Rlwys were Narrow Gauge)

IMG_2674.jpg - 121Kb
'Goods End' of Station also showing the Mini-Golf Course. Green PCBs are Hector Ir Occupancy Detectors

svIMG_7828.jpg - 170Kb

scIMG_7826.jpg - 185Kb

IMG_2657.jpg - 151Kb
Eurotrack: Rear view. Upper Level: 3 trains can be stored at the back and 2 in front platform tracks 2010
img_2634.jpg - 105Kb

Operating alongside the SRS Display with (Touch Screen) Track Occupation Mimic diagram. Joystick for Logging Crane

skandi1-bynight.jpg - 221Kb

'Fairground by Night' offers a regular opportunity to run illuminated stock in public - Skandi Demo 1b
ScandiHectorailinH0+G.jpg - 197Kb
Operating alongside the SRS display

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