2004 - Building Growth and The Airport Begins

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2004 was a year of growth of the Town with the addition of a large number of G_Scale buildings, including the L & B's Woody Bay Station, replacing, or relocating the temporary structures of the early days.
At the back of the garden, the 'outer loop' was re-aligned to form a passing loop and terminal platform for a new 'Airport' Station, and the new RhB Railcar No.32 shuttled back and forth between it and the other stations.
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Trains could run to and from the branchline into the Main Station Platform 3, and have the engine run round via Platform 2, or continue on to Woody Bay and then through the Airport to Platform 1 or 2 of the Main Station.

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We must have visited Miniatur Wunderland this year, as the Zillertal Set is shown in front of the Woody Bay Loop. This was bought on the Saturday morning, in Hamburg, as the shops shut in the afternoon, and then carried to Miwula, and left in their cloakroom whilst we were overwhelmed with seeing the layout for the first of many visits.

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The reflection in the Playmobil Coach is historic in that it shows the sun shining between us and our neighbours .... 2005 was the beginnng of planning the extension which would change many things.

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