'Christmas at Hollycombe' Our 'Malmsbanan' - Iron Ore Railway 4-door layout - 2013
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2D YouTube Video of Henfield Show 2012

Designed as a variation from the Shunting Puzzle - this 4-door layout combined an Iron Ore Mine (hence Malmsbanan) with a small set of shunting sidings whilst surrounded by a line including a Passenger Station.
For a series of 'Santa' weekends at Hollycombe in the run up to Christmas, Malmsbanan has a Christmas Theme.
This was also used with other Solent Area Group modules at Wickham and Henfield Shows.
Size constraints allowed 4 trains of 2 wagons/coaches each: 2 pairs of Iron Ore Bogie Hoppers, 2 Open Tompte Workers wagons and 2 Christmas Coaches hauled by Santa's 2-4-0 tender loco. Very accurate stopping was required in the station to allow trains to pass each other !! [ Hedgehogs by the track marked the positions ]. Roco Multimaus DCC Train control included using LENZ LS150 dcc accessory decoders with LGB point motors. The mine concealed the rear track and the shunting sidings allowed the Iron Ore and workers in and out at the centre.

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Christmas Adaption - covering up a siding with Christmas Shops.

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4-door Malmbanan with details of the slow motion uncouplers and Lenz LS150 wiring for LGB point motors

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