Beechingless Barnstaple v4 - Semi-Scenic Lower Storage Level: 'Exeter St Davids'

Pictures of the 'Instow' corner of Beechingless Barnstaple Storage Level: Exeter St David's
Cowley Bridge, with Instow on the level above.
CB_y - 111Kb
View from Stairs toward Exeter St Davids with L and B in foregound, loops, and bus station in between

EStD_a - 95Kb
Semi-Scenic Exeter St David's Platforms: why have the storage area void of scenery when it is a destination??

EStD_Ly - 97Kb
'Topless View' of corner showing the supporting aluminium framing
EStD_L_low - 91Kb
Background: Incline to Barnstaple Midground: Mixed stock for testing Foreground: L and B will pass by.

EStD_L_high - 100Kb
2023-24 Update: Platform 6 track alongside Budd RDC now re-aligned / doubled

EStD_b - 89Kb
John Lewis as a large Department Store - illuminated

Instowshops - 66Kb
Faller Car System with Playtrack roadway - after 30 years - finally having somewhere to run!

junc.jpg - 99Kb
Rocoline pointwork at Barnstaple Junction - and using modified Peco Diamond Crossings or frog Juicers

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