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UK and Scandinavian Model Railways in
G, 00 and H0 Scales
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Solent G-Scale Group

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CAPTIONED PICTURES: Photos by Clive Thirlwall
H2019longshot.jpg - 279Kb

H2019zoomed.jpg - 194Kb

H2019lin.jpg - 222Kb

Pictures by Phil Spiegelhalter of Phil and Lin's 17m modular: Storby Strand - Mitten Bruk - Fargehamn
StorbyStrand_1.jpg - 218Kb

ModularPoints.jpg - 183Kb

MittenBruk+Sstrand.jpg - 196Kb

17mFromFarjehamn.jpg - 179Kb

17mFarjehamn+.jpg - 138Kb

MittenBruk2.jpg - 167Kb

StorbyStrand2.jpg - 180Kb

17mClean.jpg - 128Kb

17mplus.jpg - 214Kb

Pictures by Phil Spiegelhalter of Ray Harcourt's 'Mini' modular (1.2m module size) layout
Connor.jpg - 180Kb

RayKevinKaren.jpg - 164Kb

minimodular1.jpg - 190Kb

minimodular2.jpg - 151Kb

Compilation included in Solent Newsletter of other exhibits
Hollycombe2019.jpg - 324Kb

Hampshire16mmLock.jpg - 229Kb

Hampshire16mmWide.jpg - 229Kb

DSC01587c.jpg - 375Kb

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