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Phil and Lin Spiegelhalter - Fillin's Calendar Pictures from 2019

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109.jpg - 165Kb
SJ Loco 109 in K.. Museum
anglia.jpg - 249Kb
Not from Harry Potter - but a 'preserved rusting collection left in a wood'
hassleholm.jpg - 114Kb
Hassleholm Station on Hassleholm's large model railway in a former army tank depot
hectorail.jpg - 59Kb
A real Hectorrail train passing by
IMG_7485.jpg - 169Kb
Borrowed Diesel No.2 being turned at Gräfsnäs (Hot summer - no live steam or BBQs allowed)
IMG_7493.jpg - 190Kb
No.2 at Anten - Red/Yellow markers identify the Front/forward direction to assist when shunting/remote direction
IMG_7569.jpg - 104Kb
No.74 at Anten AGJ website link for more information
IMG_7574.jpg - 135Kb
SJ Litra E2 ?? at ??
IMG_7619.jpg - 100Kb
Swedish Farja - Yellow Ferries are free - a part of the 'road system' = Our Access to Campsite at Ido
IMG_8099.jpg - 97Kb
English electric 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter 521 in the Nederlands
IMG_8116.jpg - 95Kb
Ex german railcar and trailer at the opposite end of the preserved line with the EE shunter
IMG_8221.jpg - 99Kb
Alresford Station of the Watercress Line at Christmas
IMG_8242.jpg - 91Kb
Ropley Station and Signalbox on the Watercress Line at Christmas
IMG_8254.jpg - 66Kb
7822 preparing to depart West Somerset Railway
IMG_8318.jpg - 71Kb
Lynton & Barnstaple Baldwin 2-4-2T 'Lyn' 762 Southern Railway Livery (1923-)
modelsnowscene.jpg - 66Kb
Winter scene with snowman - in a 'new' (at the time) winter extension of the model railway at Hassleholm

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